Service Area

Countries and
regions covered


65 countries

As of September 2019



95 %

As of March 2019

Sigfox coverage

Sigfox network develops nationally and globally.
Currently Sigfox covers 65 countries, 5 million km2, and 1 billion people.

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Major countries which develop Sigfox

France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, United States of America, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Finland, Oman, Brazil, Malta, Slovakia, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, South Africa

Base station rental

Access Station Micro

Access Station Micro
Base station facilityBase station main body
SizeBody:186 x 159 x 108 mm
Receive sensitivity-132 dBm
Assumed installation locationIndoor

Precautions for use

  • Installation work must be carried out by customer.
  • Other line subscribers can also use the base station.
  • Depending on your usage, you may need to resister telecommunications carriers.
  • Rental base station is provided by our partners.


  • If you wish to rent, please feel free to contact us from here.

Change the world

Sigfox is a global IoT network to achieve cost effectiveness,
energy efficiency and long range area coverage.

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