Superiority of LPWA

LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network is a general term for a new wireless network that began mainly in Europe in recent years, and is a network that covers a wide area with low power consumption. Although it is said that 3 billion IoT devices will spread in 2020, current IoT solutions have issues such as power consumption, cost, environment creation for collecting data, and global support.

The network came out to solve these issues is LPWA. Sigfox and LoRaWAN that use sub-GHz, and NB-IoT that uses a cellular network are attracting attention in Japan.
IoT = Internet of Things. A generic term for how various things connect to the Internet and how information is exchanged.

Superiority of LPWA

What is a difference of Sigfox from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Sigfox can be used for sensors because Sigfox can cover wide area with low energy consumption.

There are various wireless communication standard network for IoT usage such as 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. However, there have not been the one which can meet the needs of being able to use for a long time at places where commercial power supply cannot be used, because of cost and energy consumption issues.

Although LPWA is a small amount of data transmission, it has technical features such as power consumption of several tens of mA and transmission distance of several tens of kilometers, and is trying to solve the above problems.

In other words, although LPWA’s communication speed is slow, it can be widely used with low power consumption, so it is expected to be used especially for IoT usage.

Change the world

Sigfox is a global IoT network to achieve cost effectiveness,
energy efficiency and long range area coverage.

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